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Your Seasonal Guide to Lawn Mower Sales

Your Seasonal Guide to Lawn Mower Sales

Before you can properly tend to your yard, you need to have the right equipment. During the spring and summer months, finding local lawn mower sales sound reasonable. You can find holiday deals on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. However, if you want to buy the right equipment without spending a lot of money, then you should shop during the fall and winter to get the best deals.

Finding Summer Deals

During the spring and summer months, yard care equipment is in high demand. Everyone is trimming their grass during these seasons. It makes sense for home improvement stores to keep the items in stock and ready to buy during these months.

Because it is the peak season for purchase, it means the prices will be a little higher. Retailers know you need the equipment in order to maintain your yard properly. While they are not going to price tools so high that no one will purchase then, even lawn mower sales will have higher prices during the peak seasons.

You can still find a few holiday offers in the summer, though. These will usually offer decent deals if you need the equipment right away. However, it is best to hold off if possible because, if you wait a few months, you can get a discounted price when the dealers move the merchandise out of their showroom.

Offseason Buying

Reports indicate that the best time to purchase yard-trimming equipment is at the end of the summer season. As retailers transition to fall, they reduce the price on all spring and summer tools. At this time, you can find great lawn mower sales. It’s important to know what features you need and to keep an open mind, so you can find the best price on a machine that meets your needs, even if all of the models are not in stock.

If you want to order online, you will still get your best deals during the fall and early winter months. The added benefit is that, if you choose to order from online sources, you will have a better chance of finding specific brands or designs that may interest you. You will have to pay for shipping, however, which can eat into your savings if you are not careful.

Older Models

You can also save money if you are willing to go with older models for your yard equipment. This does not necessarily mean used, though. Dealers who stock yard tractors year-round will offer deals on models from the previous season. They host these specials in order to clear out older stock before receiving newer models for their showroom.

If you know where to look, you can get a good deal on lawn mower sales. But, by waiting a little while, you can get a great deal and really save some money!