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What Do You Imagine About When Selecting A New Badminton Racquet?

What Do You Imagine About When Selecting A New Badminton Racquet?

Just about each and every day I get email messages from badminton players all-around the environment telling me about their design of engage in on a badminton court docket. They then check with me which is the finest racquet for their individual fashion of perform.

If you’ve used time reading my site or discussion board you are going to likely by now know the respond to I would give. Having said that, for the reader that hasn’t been all around this site, below is the remedy I constantly give…

“Your fashion, method, badminton expertise, physique and muscular composition are distinctive to mine and anyone else for that issue. Therefore, how you come to feel about a badminton racquet will also be diverse to me and just about every other player. This signifies nobody can properly recommend you which racquet to use.”

I truthfully imagine that the only particular person who can decide irrespective of whether a racquet is appropriate for you…is you. Having said that, this indicates you have to acquire your time and go through the practical experience of screening distinctive racquets.

And, this is the place the huge challenge is. Most gamers do not have entry to a broad variety of badminton racquets. There are extremely couple of stores who have demo racquets for gamers to test on courtroom which suggests it really is virtually extremely hard to get your preference ideal at a initial endeavor.

Practical experience Counts?

As your badminton encounter grows, you acquire a experience or intuition for what you like in a racquet and also what you dislike. This practical experience, even though a must have, can occasionally be to the detriment of your sport. Enable me give you an case in point…

A couple a long time in the past I picked Armortec 900 Energy as my racquet of alternative. I seriously cherished the racquet and it seemed to go over quite a few elements of my sport. Not staying a obviously powerful player, I essential the extra bodyweight in the head of the racquet to enable me strike challenging.

Just one working day I was working a demo session with a participant and for some reason seriously struggled defensively which built me dilemma my selection on AT900P. For the subsequent year, I switched racquets to Nanospeed 9900 which was head mild. Right away my defence was “again to typical” and for a time I was still hitting really hard.

In the course of the period I noticed that my smash was being returned much more generally which puzzled me. What experienced modified? It took a even though to figure out that my physique had modified to the lighter headed racquet. Initially, switching from a head major to head mild racquet intended my muscle tissues had been utilised to operating harder to perform an overhead shot. When I switched, the muscles labored just as hard, which in the beginning received me a superior final result. Over time, the muscle tissue eased off for some explanation, which at some point remaining me with a even worse end result.

So, I picked up my aged AT900P and tried using it once more. At to start with it felt gradual however when I started to smash there was an immediate advancement. It then dawned on me what had been going on and that I experienced been inquiring the incorrect concerns.

The lesson right here is that even with my practical experience I created an mistake because of to drawing conclusions without having inquiring the ideal thoughts. I now know what thoughts to talk to in advance of selecting a racquet – do you?

Request The Proper Questions

The initial concern you should actually be asking is…

1) Do I seriously want a new racquet?

You see, several gamers create beliefs in buy to justify to themselves that they need a new racquet. Most of the time the details are easy – you you should not will need 1. Nonetheless, the marketing and advertising from the racquet corporations lure us into believing that participating in with “that” racquet will nearly magically make you a much better participant. That simply isn’t really legitimate.

If you actually want to see considerable advancement in your game, then commit in a coaching study course or a coach. A fantastic mentor can do additional to enable you improve your activity than any new racquet can.

Of course, if your racquet has a crack, or is on the lookout incredibly worn then it’s almost certainly the correct time to improve it. Let us also bear in mind that a fantastic re-string can also transform the efficiency in a racquet, so examination string stress and variety of string also.

Ok, we have covered the initial issue. What is actually the upcoming problem?

2) What are the traits of my present racquet that I genuinely like/dislike?

You will need to be aware why you like your present racquet since eventually it is the guideline, your commencing stage to recognizing where by to start out deciding upon a substitution. If you like a medium flex shaft then potentially this is the most important attribute you will need in a new racquet. By all means check a racquet with flexible or stiff shaft to validate your know-how, just in scenario you obtain your tastes have changed. Do the very same with head body weight, real bodyweight of the racquet and grip measurement though I value some nations around the world have restricted choices in some of these traits in contrast to others.

3) What elements of my game do I want to improve with this new racquet?

This dilemma tends to make you seem at your current recreation to start with to make your mind up which are the most crucial functions you’d like to make improvements to. Would a adjust in racquet actually aid? The answer can be positive depending on which attributes are on your own list.

4) What features of my activity am I ready to let a dip in efficiency until eventually I can take care of them?

This is just as critical as query 3. Let’s give you a swift illustration in this article. You have decided that you want additional energy in your overhead and for that reason are now seeking a head major racquet. This will final result in a reduction in your quick ability in defence and around the net region as the racquet head will go slower than your latest model. Nevertheless, this can be enhanced only by performing my armchair physical exercises.

5) What am I well prepared to fork out?

Noticeable issue, I know. We all participate in on a budget so you then need to have to weigh up whether you are searching at the extra highly-priced racquets and maybe obtaining a single racquet, or do you compromise a minor and seem at the mid-selling price to funds racquets where by you could potentially get two or more of the very same racquet (when you know it really is the racquet for you) and consequently have a spare for those people occasions when you split a string, or worse circumstance, break the body in a collision.


I have lined a amount of points below. Try to remember, no person can accurately notify you a particular badminton racquet will match you best. By all means pay attention to other players, but remember, they are not you and thus have absolutely unique references for what will make a excellent racquet. Check with them if they don’t intellect you making an attempt their racquet then at the very least you have the awareness of both trying to keep it on your like list or you can promptly discard it as something entirely alien and not worth investing in.

Use the inquiries I have provided you and with any luck , you will make a a lot more informed conclusion. Retain your moi out of the way. In other words, never obtain the up coming terrific matter that is produced from a producer mainly because your favorite participant is making use of it. What suits them is unlikely to fit you and it certainly will never make you participate in like them! If you do invest in 1 of these racquets and then you don’t like it, feel how you glimpse in front of your badminton buddies? I’m sure some will be considering you have more money than perception!

Lastly, do contemplate that you can get a significantly greater return on investing in a mentor or coaching. Resolving bad approach problems and encouraging you study additional expertise will guarantee you have these expertise for lifetime. Your badminton racquet will almost never very last as extended as that.