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Seeking Again On The Path Of The Literary Arts In Sierra Leone

Seeking Again On The Path Of The Literary Arts In Sierra Leone

To get started analyzing the subject requires defining and knowing the critical terms. Of training course the phrase “wanting back again” indicates recollecting and reflecting on what has long gone on in the previous and in our particular circumstance this is confined to what has absent on in the earlier of the literary arts scene in Sierra Leone which is the former British colony in the West coast of Africa, surrounded by Guinea, Conakry and Liberia which turned independent on 27th April 1961.

The word “Artwork” in The Oxford Dictionaries has been outlined as follows:

1. The production of a thing beautiful, or the ability and capability in this kind of operate.

2. Functions this sort of as paintings, sculptures generated by ability. Inventive actions this sort of as paintings, theatre and story or poetry writings.

3. Talent utilized to style and design, illustration or imaginative development.

4. The aware use of skilled creativity in particular in the generation of aesthetic objects.

These then recommend that the broad gamut of artwork covers music, cinema, photography, portray, theatre, dance, literature and architecture.

This article, for reasons of room, has been confined to the literary arts. I will as the circumstance requires be making passing references to other areas of the arts as we go alongside.

Literature itself is a central art. It is of course the finer material of theatre and from time to time of dance, more so ballet. It is also connected to those people executing arts in the sense that it also recaptures the spectacular representation of action or slices of lifestyle, albeit as a result of the published method. But depending on the talent of the presentation this kind of representation resonates with daily life just about as if it were being a extraordinary recreation or even the pretty serious problem by itself. It also captures what the visible arts seize by not the brush of a painter or the camera of the photographer but by means of its presentation via a diligently chosen arranged sequence of words, which express a vivid and precise picture of that photograph.

Through text then, a literary author recaptures the visual pictures of a painter or photographer in the written method. Through the reader’s competencies in unraveling the psychological images, unveiling of the symbols concealed driving language as a result of mental pictures, he gets the visual illustration of truth that words carry. The rhythm is most outstanding in poetry, particularly in drama. This should not recommend that rhythm could not be observed in novels and quick stories. We all know how deep an component, audio and dance is in African drama which the late Dele Charley, John Kolosa Kargbo, Yulisa Amadu Maddy, Raymond De Souza-George and Charley Haffner, usually exemplify in their performances.

I intend to glimpse at the literary scene as it was in advance of independence in 1961. Literature was then noticed mainly by way of the medium of newspapers of which the well known Sierra Leone Weekly Information was the most prominent. It was pretty much like a literary journal, although printed in the sort of a newspaper. Sawyer’s Bookshop at H2o Street also played a critical position as not only building large selections of literary is effective from the Western planet out there, but in also publishing small pamphlets and tiny guides from time to time.

At that time golf equipment flourished and several of them experienced literary pursuits as section of their program. Golf equipment like the Metropolis Literary Institute and Greenfield Club organized lectures and remarkable shows. The Greenfield Club was aimed notably at promoting literary pursuits. The Eccentric Society (a Multiracial team) structured periodic “intellect-uplifting live shows. On the other hand quite a few of these clubs were shorter lived. According to historical analysts this was thanks to the bulk of Krios lacking interest in self-improvement and disunity inside the ranks of the higher amount of Freetown society. This was minimal to a few hundred men and women from whose ranks a lot of of the other clubs drew their membership. With this form of shut-knitted modern society, personal disagreements ended up quickly brought into these societies thus disrupting their harmony and triggering their crack up.

It could then be deduced that literary activities then were being a lot more or less of an educational and philosophical or spiritual character. Rarely have been legitimate literary endeavours displayed. These a situation was transferred to the production of books. A lot of of the books have been a lot more of textbooks or dissertations. Just one of the first written works by a Sierra Leonean in 1865 reflected this concern. It was the do the job of the medico James Africanus Horton on West African Political Overall economy of British West Africa. His 2nd e-book three a long time later in 1868 was West African International locations and Folks, British and Indigenous. This was like lots of of the other is effective revealed in London. There is also A.B.C. Sibthorpe’s monumental historic perform on Freetown.

Couple artistic works through this period of time were created by inventive writers like Adelaide Casely-Hayford and Gladys Casely-Hayford. Gladys Casely-Hayford was probably the ideal-recognized from this period of time. Some of her poems and stories have appeared in American and British publications and are still been involved in the latest anthologies compiled in the West. A single of her poems which she published in a smaller reserve of poetry, Get Am So in Freetown in 1948 is written in the country’s lingua franca, krio.

The Educationist Mrs. Adelaide Casely-Hayford (nee Smith) wrote tales subsequent the traditions of Ghanaian writers like Efua Sutherland and Ama Ata Aidoo. The most well known of these is “Mister Courifer” which is portion of Paul Geoffrey Edward’s anthology for educational facilities which was widely utilised in Freetown faculties in the early 60s.,West African Narrative This concern for lifestyle is even witnessed in her operate in the instructional discipline. According to historian, Akintola Wyse, following studying in England and Germany and returning residence she was so appalled by the system of instruction for ladies that she devoted her complete everyday living to introducing a system that gave an essential location to African customs, arts and crafts amongst some others.

A different poet released in the course of that period was Crispin George whose selection of poems titled Cherished Gems was revealed by a very well known vainness publishing outlet, Arthur Stockwell in 1952.

A most significant name in Sierra Leone Literature is the broadcaster Thomas Decker. His significance is not only mainly because he spans the two the colonial and independence durations, but due to the fact his pioneering get the job done in propagating the broader use of Krio for literary reasons was what generated the flowering of Krio performs intensified by Dele Charley, Raymond De Souza George, Esther Taylor-Pearce, Lawrence Kweku-Woode among lots of other individuals. He is seen as the principal poet in Krio on to the mid 50’s. Some of them were being revealed in the mid 60’s in the Sierra Leone Language Review and Sierra Leone Experiments. He also came out with Krio diversifications of Shakespeare’s plays like Julius Caesar.

It is difficult to account for all of the innovative functions published then as lots of appeared in various media, newspapers, magazines and journals domestically as well as overseas.

Abioseh Nicol’s small tales had achieved renown internationally, showing in British Literary journals and anthologies. Some of these formed section of his two perfectly recognised shorter tale collections Two African Tales and The Genuinely Married Girl and other Stories all released by Cambridge University Push.

This colonial period was marked by minor publication of innovative is effective in ebook kind. But with the onset of independence and the publication of Robert Wellesley Cole’s autobiographical get the job done Kossoh Town Boy by Cambridge University Push much more works in book variety were being posted.

The plays of Raymond Sarif Easmon. Pricey Father or mother and Ogre, The New Patriot and his novel The Burnt Out Marriage profited from this.

Dr. William Conton’s perform, The African was a breakthrough for the Sierra Leone novel. It was practically like our have. Matters Slide Aside. Like Items Tumble Aside, The African was initially published in London. American editions appeared the same 12 months. It was posted in 1960 with one more version subsequent a calendar year just after. It was reprinted in Fantastic Britain in 1964. Translations of it have been designed into Arabic, Hungarian and Russian. EkundayoRowe also had his collection of stories. No Seed For The Soil, self- published in reserve type.

Later, new names like Yulisa Amadu Maddy, Muctarr Mustapha, Wilfred Taylor, Delphine King and Syl Cheney-Coker all broke out into print in numerous forms.

From the 70’s onwards far more new writers emerged. Yema Lucilda Hunter’s novel Street to Liberty was published in Nigeria by a Sierra Leonean publishing outfit, African Universities Press A.U.P. She has just lately published a different novel titled Bitter Sweet. Prince Dowu Palmer’s novel The Mocking Stones was revealed by Longmans in 1982 in their Drumbeat sequence. The exact publisher experienced a 12 months before released Raymond Sarif Easmon’s The Feud and other tales. This interval is also characterised by the intense advertising of Macmillan publishers in Sierra Leone. They have already 3 novels from Sierra Leone in their Pacesetter series. This contains two younger writers, the journalist and instructor Edison Yongai who came outwith Who killed Mohta and the insurance policies supervisor, OsmanConteh, with Double Problems. From abroad also information of the publication of Yayah Swarray’s plays was been given. His worksinclude ‘De Wol Do for Fraide.‘ Other writers, notably, Talabi Aisie Lucan, Melville Stuart, Marilyn Awoonor- Renner, Winston Forde and Clifford N. Fyfe channeled their imaginative energies into manufacturing children’s literature a lot of of which were being printed by Evans.

Right after independence a number of newspapers and other magazines of educational facilities, colleges and church buildings carried minimal quantity of resourceful writing. The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service which was then in the inventive fingers of the late John Akar, a author himself, gave considerably outlet for creativeness, regardless of whether literary, or doing. SLBS in fact gave prominence to artists like Ebenezer Calendar, Allie Ganda and the Rokel River Boys. There was also a common quick story system in some radio programming quarter. This showcased the small tales of younger as nicely as older Sierra Leoneans which include two tales of mine. In addition, there were reserve assessment systems. The children’s fifty percent hour applications in English as very well as the countrywide languages have been alternatives for the airing and dissemination of the abundant folklore of the country. Certainly several of us who experienced no grandmother at home spinning this sort of loaded and fascinating yarns for us, the story telling line on SLBS indeed stuffed in a yawning gap in our social and cultural instruction.

With independence also there have been many newspapers including the Day-to-day Mail which was then a really everyday paper that gave a great deal area to artistic writing, small stories as very well as stories for little ones in the children’s corner. There have been also regular publications of book opinions as effectively as some focus specified to other inventive things to do these kinds of as remarkable performances and musical concert events.

But regrettably now the literary arts no extended receives as substantially consideration as prior to in the push. The pressmen on their own complain of paucity of space which boundaries their publication to just political social and economic news. The Day by day Mailitself experienced plummeted to an all time minimal in which it could no extended be securely termed a weekly or bi-weekly. It far too is in dire shortage of house. But now it has eventually absent silent. The New Citizen presents some room to the serialized stories of it is Handling Director and proprietor, I.B. Kargbo.

A commendable pattern began in the 70’s with the desire demonstrated by a Swedish Linguist Nevillle Shrimpton in the emerging performs in krio of youthful as effectively as more mature playwrights. Thomas Decker’s translation of Julius Caesar was happily a single of the performs he printed. Also released in the Shrimpton collection have been Lawrence Kweku Woode’s (God pas Konsibul) Raymond De Souza George’s (Bohbohlef) Dele Charley’s (Fatmata, Petikot Korner) and Esther Taylor Pearce’s (Poor Man Pas Emti Os).

There were occasional breakthroughs when Sierra Leonean youthful writers had been posted in journals and publications overseas. A noteworthy medium outdoors which showcased short stories on a regular basis was WEST AFRICA Journal. Stories of youthful writers like Peter Karefa-Good and Brima Rogers have appeared there. But another of Rogers’ stories was broadcast on the BBC’s Quick Tale programme on Planet Assistance. And a girl writer received the limited story competitiveness structured by the BBC African Service adopted by Mohamed Sheriff who has in addition gained many playwrighting contests structured by the B.B.C. His title would seem like a single to be viewed as he has shown continuously robust signals of promise. He has printed three is effective already such as a engage in, Sorie Clever, a further participate in The Criminal and the Fools and a novella titled Key Fear, which was co-winner of the ECOWAS prize for excellence in literature. Macmillan Publishers printed it in the McTracks series in 1997.