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Reading the Bible in 90 Days is Easier Than You Thought

Reading the Bible in 90 Days is Easier Than You Thought

If you’ve ever been around Christians or in a church setting, you have probably heard someone say “I read that in the Bible” or “That’s a passage from the Bible.” A lot of people seem to know parts of the Bible, but how often do you run across someone who has actually read the entire Bible? It’s an ambition many people have, but it seems so impossible and such a lofty task that many don’t undertake it. At the beginning of every year a lot of Christians begin their ambition to read the entire bible in a year or for some in six months, but since a year even six months is such a long time, things happen, life happens, most of them end up abandoning their ambition. Ted Cooper Jr. thought of these facts when he came up with The Bible in 90 Days. He came up with this curriculum to make it easier for people to actually complete the task of reading the entire Bible. When you look at the way he has laid it out, it is much easier than you might think.

First of all, The Bible in 90 Days is written in the New International Version (niv) so it’s written in “today’s” language and very easy to understand. Second, it’s only reading 12 pages a day. Everyone has the time to do that no matter how busy they say they are. If you think about it, you probably already do that between reading the newspaper, a magazine, or a book on your nightstand. Third, it’s only 90 days of your time! When you consider that there are 365 days in one year and most people live around 80 years, that’s 29,200 days and you’re only using 90 to fulfil a task that you may once thought of as impossible!

You must be cautious though. Even though it’s only 90 days out of the 365 the year gives us, committing to do this isn’t easy. Things come up, days come up where you don’t feel like doing it, and people get busy. Getting even one day behind makes you feel like you can never catch up. The good thing is that Ted Cooper Jr. has included 2 “grace” days in his Read the Bible in 90 Days plan during the reading period, which can help you to catch up. Also since its twelve pages a day if you fall behind and need to catch up you can always do 24 pages the next day or 18 pages for the next two days to catch up, so don’t worry there is room to work around if need be, but please do try to keep to the schedule as you do not want to put yourself under pressure. As I said this is not easy but if you commit to do this and read The Bible in 90 Days, it will be so well worth it. It will fulfill a goal that you have set. It is something that seems lofty and hard, but it is something you can achieve. Think of the sense of accomplishment you’d feel knowing you managed to read the most widely published book of all time in only 90 days. Get someone to do it with you so you’re motivated. Get someone to hold you accountable to the task. Do whatever it takes to complete it. You won’t be sorry. You do not have to use The Bible in 90 Days to achieve this task, you can use a different Bible but studies have shown that people who use a different bible tend not to finish the reading. You can find more information, help, tips and resources on how to read The Bible in 90 Days and where you can get a copy of The Bible in 90 Days HERE [http://www.readbiblein90days.com]