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Loyola the Luciferian

Loyola the Luciferian

Ignatius Loyola – Luciferian or Heliopolitan:

I child you not! Lucifer is the ‘light-bringer’ and just as Hitler was a ‘torch-bearer for Jesus’ we have the Luciferians inside the Catholic Church to this working day as I have covered from the likes of Malachi Martin who was a Papal advisor to a few Popes and taught Jewish research (Kaballah?) at the Vatican School right up until not too long ago. Certainly all the Alumbrados (usually means Illuminati) people are ‘light-bearers’ or en-‘light’-will need ones. That involves Rodrigo Borgia (Pope Alexander VI) who I have dealt with in quite a few textbooks. I have previously pointed out this Idiot’s Tutorial has no mention of the Alumbrados founding the Jesuits or any intrigue similar thereto which includes even the mere point out of Hibernians like Thomas Carlyle, Goethe, Saint Bernard as one particular, and other issues linked thereto. This does not shock me 1 iota. Study the description of Jesus by Ignatius Loyola and believe extensive and tough about irrespective of whether I am proper about his getting encouraged by the sunshine-worship or Heliopolitanism of the Druids which is the basis of the Masons in accordance to Thomas Paine who was bigger up in the ‘octopus’.

“The Society of Jesus was founded by Ignatius of Loyola, who could be viewed as the Catholic Reformation’s equal to Martin Luther. Whose identify is suggestive of Lucifer as well. Loyola has been referred to as a single of the most critical–if not the most essential–figures of the Catholic Reformation.

Loyola was born Inigo de Oñez y Loyola around 1491. He was born at his family’s ancestral castle in Guipúzcoa. When he was old sufficient, he entered the army services, wherever he served till 1521 when he was severely wounded in fight. Throughout his restoration from his wounds, he browse about the lives of the saints of the church, and he was determined to devote his existence to non secular company. He hung up his sword and spent a yr in prayer and meditation at a cave in close proximity to the Manresa monastery. While there, Loyola fasted, knelt in prayer for 7 hrs a working day, and flagellated himself to the stage of endangering his health and fitness. I grew up near a Manresa Lodge that experienced some strange goings-on and I often marvel when I see them in sites like Sedona or other earth-based mostly spiritual locations. I am confident he spoke with them or been given instruction from them at this time.

Loyola afterwards explained this time as an remarkable ‘mystical’ knowledge all through which he experienced blinding visions of heaven and hell and Christ and Satan. He noticed Jesus as ‘a significant spherical kind shining as gold.’…

…Loyola and the Jesuits welcomed only people whose spirituality mirrored his N.B. and individuals who were ready to engage in unquestioned obedience to the pope.Offering up their possessions like the Templars way too. Any applicant who experienced even a trace of terrible character or deficiency of orthodoxy was turned down. Definitely? What orthodoxy could possibly that be?…

…The mission of the Jesuits was to teach the youthful, to guide persons back again from Protestantism to Catholicism, and to consider the Catholic message to new regions of the planet.

They have been effective in all three endeavours.” (3)